Bacon and You!


Bacon and You!

Bacon and You! Joe's Dump

Ever wonder who you’ve worked with in the entertainment biz? If you’re on IMdB, then the Oracle of Bacon can tell you that and much more…

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
It all begins with Kevin Bacon. The idea is that everyone on the planet is somehow only six steps away from Kevin Bacon. For example, if I know Kevin Bacon, I’m one step away. If I know someone who knows Kevin Bacon, I’m two steps away… and so on. By the time you get to six steps away, that’s a lot of people – maybe even everyone on Earth!

The Oracle of Bacon
The Oracle of Bacon web site finds the shortest connection between any two people listed on IMdB. The default is Kevin Bacon and whoever you type in. As an example, my Bacon Number is 2. I’ve worked with someone who’s worked with Kevin Bacon. But the site has some other very useful tools…

3 Ways To Use The Oracle of Bacon

Be sure to play around with the advanced search options. They’ll let you include things like video games and TV series.

Once you’ve found your Bacon Number, be sure to post it in the comments below.

Have fun!


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10 thoughts on “Bacon and You!

  1. Brother Joe: Thank you for the diligence. I have not tracked all these ‘bacon’ connections BUT I did buy a book – about 5 years ago – titled “Perfumes – The Guide’. An exhaustive study of fragrances thru the ages….etc. etc.
    In the first chapter the authors address the one question women ask most often at the perfume bar, which is: what scent is it that men really like?

    After years of research they have found the answer. It’s BACON.

    And then they went on to talk about perfumes….

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