The Improv Trick


The Improv Trick

Hey Voice Actor gang!

I’m always recommending Improv as a great tool for voice acting. It helps you to quickly interpret copy, build characters, react to situations and more.

So, if you’re near Los Angeles, check out “The Improv Trick“. It’s run by Second City alum Bill Chott (IMDB page here), and has classes in Sherman Oaks and Pasadena.

Anyone can take the sample class for $20 to try it out. PLUS! If you sign up for the Lifetime class and showcase you can take it again whenever you’d like FREE!

They also have periodic Improv Jam sessions that you can jump in on to practice.

Check out the website for more info at:

… and if you’re not in LA, be sure to look into Rebecca’s Improv for VO (ImproVO), run via Skype at:


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at:



3 thoughts on “The Improv Trick

  1. thanks for the mention Joe, and as well I think it’s also great for folks in VO to get improv on stage experience. Improv in all forms is terrific. Just come back to ImproVO on line! 😉

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