The IMDb 100 Club


The IMDb 100 Club

My IMDb listing stands at 99 credits.

Joe J Thomas - IMDB 99 - JoeActor
Joe’s IMDb Listing (click here to see)

I may pass 100 this year.

Now, those of you who know me might recall that I’m not very hot on awards.
So let’s call this a Milestone instead.

Rituals and Milestones. Rites of Passage.

Although it doesn’t change how I pursue my career, it is nice to see some measure of real-world progress.

What are your personal Milestones?

What things in your career help you to appreciate the strides and progress you’ve made?


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4 thoughts on “The IMDb 100 Club

  1. Joe, you “award geek” you! Which is supercilious, of course.
    Professional/Peer Recognition.
    Getting paid for a gig.
    Just seeing/hearing stuff you’ve done in a public medium.

    These are all things that fuel our personal/creative ambitions, IME. As Cyrano once said, “…every time I write a great line I thank myself a thousand times over!”.
    And why not? We’ve worked hard, applied ourselves, studied and done the research, and just friggin’ lucked out in a lot of ways.

    The first time I walked down Disneyland Main Street in the mid-90’s and saw a graphic or sign I’d worked on, believe me, I brightened up and pointed it out to whoever had the misfortune to be walking with me. But it’s a big deal to know that what we are doing is registering somewhere out there.

    As for IMDB, it’s still the one place where we performers can keep track of our work and add pertinent info as we go along, even for free (to an extent). So GOOD FOR YOU, Mr. Joe. Let’s keep them entries adding up.

  2. …Congrats on this ‘milestone’. Like Robert said. I still geek out when I hear myself on Netflix or other projects and getting paid is a BIGGIE! And thank YOU, my friend , for blessing me with my own milestone–my first and only (so far) IMDb listing. You ROCK, Joe. We’ll be talkin’ about listing 200 before you know it…

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