Calloused Attitude


Calloused Attitude

40+ miles. Every week.

That’s how much I walk and hike.

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With that much mileage, you’re bound to build up some callouses. And I had some doosies. The bottoms of my feet were like leather.

Callouses have their purpose. They build up to protect your skin and the tissue beneath. But, in excess, they can cause other issues.

Calloused Attitude

The same process happens with our attitudes. Over time, and given enough exposure to the friction with others, we build up our defenses. Become resistant. Protect ourselves.

Removal by Erosion

For callouses on my feet, the process is pretty simple: buy a pumice stone or one of those rotary foot sanders, then spend a little time every day buffing down my feet.

For a calloused attitude, the process is also simple: catch yourself when you’re angry or resistant to hearing others, then remove a little of those biases every day.


With most of the callouses removed from my feet, they’ve become more flexible and my balance has also improved. Of course they’re also more sensitive, but that’s the trade-off.

As for attitude, with fewer emotional callouses I’m more open to hearing others, and able to respond with less anger. I don’t have to agree, but I can disagree cordially.

How do you deal with your callouses?


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