Stupid Jokes


Stupid Jokes (’nuff said…)

… read ’em, laugh (optional), and add your own in the comments!


q) what do you call a man who has inherited his father’s world-wide chicken broth empire?
a) a bouillon-aire


q) did you hear about the guy that had his entire left side amputated?
a) he’s all right now


q) you know what happened when I ate at a Chinese German fusion restaurant?
a) an hour later I was hungry for power


q) how many mice does it take to screw in a light bulb?
a) two… but don’t ask me how they got in there


q) why was six afraid of seven?
a) because seven ate nine


q) what did the news report when a dwarf psychic escaped from jail?
a) small medium at large


q) what did the bartender say when a horse walked in?
a) hey buddy, why the long face?


q) how do you get down from an elephant?
a) you don’t – you get down from a goose


q) why did the bike fall over?
a) it was two tired