Problem. Solution.

Problem Solution - Joe's Dump

Quote: Joe J Thomas
Cartoon: Gary Larson


Sometimes when I’m feeling frustrated and it’s like I’m banging my head against the wall, the best thing I can do is…


Take a break. Breathe. Push back from the issue. Get a wider view.


Think about why I’m feeling anger or frustration. What’s causing it?


Dig deep and try to find the real problem. Pull it from the depths and stare it in the face.


Sometimes the source of the issue is me. Sometimes it’s someone else. Or nobody. Or miscommunication. Or just a random event.


Once you know what the issue is, the answer might be contained in the problem itself. Or it may take time to work out a good answer. Maybe there are no answers for some problems.

Either way…

If you can’t see the problem,
No solution is possible.


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