Broses! Flowers for MEN! (Henderson episode 2)


Broses – Flowers for MEN!

Henderson Moment Episode 2:

Broses! Flowers for MEN!

Broses! Flowers for MEN!

Hello folks. My name’s Henderson, and this is my Moment.

Henderson International Products (aka “HIP”) now brings you guys a brand new thing you can buy for other guys. But in a totally manly way!

Did you ever have one of your Bros do something so awsometastic that you wanted to give them something to commemorate the occasion?

You know, like when Ted let you post that video of him smacking his drunk noggin on a mahogany table trying to crack a pistachio.

Or that time when you were dating Sam’s ex, and he warned you about that little “problem”.

Well I’ve got the perfect thing: Broses! Flowers for MEN!

Broses are designed with extra thorns, black leather petals, and a thicker, longer, stronger stem. Heck, you could probably kill a guy with a dozen of these!

And for a little extra cashola, you’ll get a solid steel vase shaped like a ‘52 Impala engine block.

Every order of Broses comes shipped in a coffin shaped box, with a personalized tombstone card for that extra manly touch that shows you care.

So, be sure to call Henderson International Products (aka “HIP”) right away to get your best Bros the best Broses on the planet!

This has been The Henderson Moment… Yeah!


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at:


Henderson character origin and idea by Jeffrey Bridges and Susan Bridges of Pendant Audio:



6 thoughts on “Broses! Flowers for MEN! (Henderson episode 2)

    • Hi… So cool you like “Broses”!
      I’m afraid it’s just a bit of comedy, but maybe I *should* start selling them 😉

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