Read My Blog!


Read My Blog!


Blog. Blogging. Blogger.

These words didn’t even exist 20 years ago. And now they seem to dominate the online landscape. What started as a simple “Web Log” has turned into so much more. News, opinion, diaries, reviews, promotions, etc. But what does it all mean? And what’s the purpose of any individual blog?

Some would argue that the main purpose of a blog is to drive traffic to your blog. But that never appealed to me. I’m not out to sell equipment, teach classes, create webinars, podcasts, or books. So quite frankly, the numbers don’t really matter much.

Let me sum up the purpose of Joe’s Dump in three words: “Creativity”, “Connection”, “Cranberries”.

My goal every week is to be creative. Sometimes it’s opinion. Sometimes poetry. Comedy. Animation. Whatever comes to mind. That’s it… period. No grand scheme or long term plan. No driving sheep to view my site and repost so that more sheep can read. I do this for me. And if you like it, that’s a welcome bonus! We’ve shared something, or have a new thing in common. A connection. For me, that’s much more important than hits, subscribers, and attention.

So, if you’re reading this, thanks! I’m really glad you’re here. And I’m sure I’ll hang out at your place from time to time… Digitally speaking, of course 😉

Your Blogmeister,

P.S. Cranberries? Well, I just like ’em. They should be for more than just Thanksgiving.


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10 thoughts on “Read My Blog!

  1. I sell or represent people who sell equipment, teach classes, create webinars, podcasts, or books and as no one else is doing that here I thought I might.

  2. A BLOG is something else besides your cogent definition….it is a commitment (on the part of the Blogger) to Blog, i.e. to type out manually thoughts and/or ideas on a regular/irregular basis and to maintain the Blog. I agree that the idea of blogging just to get more to read your blog is something for people with different objectives – e.g. Huffington Post, which may or may not be a news and opinion site, but is certainly a blog hosting a collection of blogs from bloggers.
    So once again, good for you. The very act of posting something every week is a BIG part (in my unqualified expert opinion) of being focused on your objective, staying connected to the life you are now (for better or worse) living.
    It also saves you the trouble and cost of buying “The Artist’s Way”, a book in which an ex-wife of Martin Scorsese pays her debt to society (apparently for her alcoholism and who-knows-what -else) by laying out her 90-day plan for re-focusing on one’s artistic life and bringing the creative urge back to the surface.

    I know. I read the book. And did every one of those damn exercises. (except for the “don’t consume alcohol while you’re on this program” thing)
    Know what? It was all good stuff. Very relevant and helpful.

    At the same time, let’s NOT bring up the fact that THIS is how the author finally made her MONEY, along with the national tour of “Artist’s Way” seminars that cost a bit more than just buying the book. Ok, so I didn’t bring it up.

    So back to you, Mr. Joe. What you are doing with your blog goes beyond your already excellent goals of sharing creativity and information….you are making JOE more creative. And more aware of career opportunities for which you are already ready. Keep it up!

    Brotha’ Bob

    • Well stated, Bob. I definitely committed to posting once per week, no matter what. That by itself has really helped me to focus my creativity. See you at the meet up 🙂

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  4. All this tawk about cwanbewwees is making me werry werry hungwy….


    Blog away or dump away – it’s all good and happy to know and follow!

    CreaTiviTy is impt – however expressed!

    PS I did the Artists Way back in 2004 and loved it… Now I have veins of gold… 🙂

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