The Adaptability Problem


The Adaptability Problem

Adaptability has enabled humans to rise to the top of the food chain, and individuals, groups, companies and governments to accomplish amazing things.

So… Where’s the problem with adaptability?

In short, when we adapt to small, incremental negative changes, the end result is that, over time, we’re putting ourselves in a worse position than where we started.

Let’s take “Pay-To-Play” services for voice over jobs as an example. Incrementally, these services have slowly limited the number of auditions available, lowered the pay per project, restricted access to information, and taken a larger fee for renewal and other charges. Had they implemented all these changes at once, they would have been rejected outright. But by staging these changes in gradual steps, it gives individuals time to adapt and hides the trend that the company is headed. Worse, those joining now who don’t research the history think that the current state of affairs is the norm.

This same strategy is employed by companies, governments, political parties and religious organizations. As we blindly adapt without standing up for ourselves, we allow them to gain a greater control over our lives. We even adapt to things like climate change, political correctness, a rise in violence, and a decline in our living standards. Without even thinking about it, we accept the current state of affairs as normal.

For me, this is unacceptable.

But there is a solution.

We must look to the past to see if we’re improving or declining. And we must plan for the future before blindly accepting what we’re told as being the only truth.

As individuals, we can wield an amazing amount of power and control over our own future, and the future direction of our companies, our society, and even our planet.

All it takes is a willingness to be aware. To stand up for ourselves and others. And to take action when needed.

True freedom requires individual responsibility.


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