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Joe J Thomas of is proud to introduce a new chapter in his career:


Director and Mentor: Joyce Castellanos
Engineer and Spirit Guide: Gene Cordes
Produced and Rocked! by: Chuck Duran (
Special Guest Stars: My Wife and Marc Cashman

The story behind this demo:

The path to each of my demos has been a unique learning experience. By committing fully to a new genre, I discover many things, both good and bad. Finding strengths and limitations is a big part of the process, as is being able to hear and absorb advice from loved ones and trusted teachers.

My kick-start for this demo begins with advice from my lovely, encouraging wife. The past few months had been a bit hit-and-miss on the job front. My wife’s advice was to double-down and invest in my career. Just like when the stock market is low, people tend to panic and tighten their belts, or worse, they take their money out and quit the game. The ones who are in for the long haul know that the best strategy in down times is often to invest.

My investment started with a one-on-one session with my personal career doctor, Marc Cashman. We chatted about where I am in my career, the changes in the market, and possible directions for growth. His suggestion was to check in with Joyce Castellanos about breaking into promos.

I called Joyce and had a nice chat about my goals and concerns. The next step was a one-on-one with her and Gene to test the Promo waters. It was also to gauge where I might best fit, and how ready I was to jump in. The meeting went well, but I still had a bit of work to do. I was close, but really needed to practice a bit more to zero in on my strengths. The workout group was my new destination on the Promo journey. Everyone’s path is different, but I was feeling much more comfortable after several weeks of workout. Joyce and Gene agreed – I was ready!

(Note to those planning on making a demo: Always get your demo professionally produced. If you’re not ready, a good demo producer will suggest more training or turn you away. If all they’re looking for is the $$$, they’re not watching out for your best interests – and probably not going to produce a quality product)

Next came a strategy meeting to choose styles that would be on the demo, and possible shows/networks to include. Once these were selected, Joyce and Gene dug in and got to writing. Each spot was written, and sound effects, music, and other voice clips pulled. We had a rehearsal session to run through the spots and make adjustments prior to the recording session. For those who wonder why a demo can cost so much, just think about all the work that goes into one.

Recording day … and it’s off to Chuck Duran’s studio. The session was amazing! Joyce, Gene and Chuck all lent their perspectives on each spot. They all work well together and pushed me to achieve my best work on every detail. Tiring day, but I was really pleased, lemme tell ya.

The final steps were up to Chuck. Gene provided him with the additional audio clips, and the mixing commenced. After a bit of tweaking and reordering, my demo was complete!

Where it goes from here is up to me. But that doesn’t mean I’m on my own. Joyce and Gene are still helping me along the way. And my Wife’s and friends’ support and encouragement drives me forward. With a bit of elbow grease and a little good fortune, I’m destined for a new, exciting destination!

Thanks to all who were involved. I couldn’t have done it without you…

Yours, 😉


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