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You. Actor.

Consider this an intervention.

If you really want to become a Voice Actor, there’s one thing you absolutely, positively, must do…


On stage.
In front of real people.
In a show.
With a script, director, rehearsals, and other actors.


Because you can fail.
It’s a risk you have to take if you really want to learn… to act.

But wait!“, you say, “I have a videos on YouTube with lots of views… and my friends tell me I’m funny!

That’s a “YouActor“.
Not a real actor.

How can you tell if you’re a “YouActor“?
You’re a “YouActor
if you’ve never studied acting or performed live in a show.
…and you’ve posted any of the following on YouTube:
1) impressions of all your favorite cartoon characters
2) an amateur anime fan dub
3) a Shakespeare monologue
4) 37 accents in 60 seconds (bonus if they all sound similar)
5) a speech from your favorite fantasy film
6) any Disney song or character imitation

The above don’t get you any closer to becoming a real, working voice actor.
Just as telling a few jokes doesn’t make you a professional stand-up comedian.

So, consider this tough-love message.

I would love for you to succeed at voice acting.

But it’s going to take a lot of work.

… and you’re going to have to learn to act.

Now, put down the microphone.
Turn off the computer.
And head out in the real world.

I know it’s scary, but you can do it.

Good luck!


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  2. Agree with you totally! In the 70s and 80s South African radio drama was on par with the best. Why? TV was new and Springbok radio dramas carried the entertainment for the nation. The actors were brilliant. There radio plays became the ‘Theatre of the Mind’. The actors did little but radio acting and, as you said, they were Real Actors! It became so big that there were specialised Radio Acting schools in places like Johannesburg. Today i am afraid there are few very good radio actors.

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  5. Amen to this, joe! One casting director I know calls theatre work “a rich man’s hobby”…. So yeah I get it, the pay kinda sucks, but you cannot beat the experience. Currently in a show and how nice to have the time to dive into my character and get to know here better with each rehearsal…as well as my fellow actors!
    I would add that tv/film acting helps too, for the subtlety in-the-room believability of many VO genres. Thanks for a great post! ( now I gotta go study my lines….)

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