Explaining Masks For Children (and many others)


Explaining Masks for Children (and many others)

Explaining Masks for Children

(and many others)

This Spaceship is your Home, the Airlock your front door
Outside is empty space, it’ll make your lungs real sore

You’ll need a helmet to go out, it looks just like a mask
It keeps you and others safe, that is it’s central task

Be sure to wear it properly, to cover mouth and nose
And not around your neck, your chin or way down by your toes

Keep your distance out in space, at least six feet away
That space will keep the gunk and germs and nasty things at bay

Do not remove your helmet, no matter what you do
Not to talk or drink, to bike or run or chew

Just keep it on until you’re home – that is the only way
We’ll all be safe… Our lungs will thank you every single day!


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com



Virus Newspaper


Virus Newspaper

What if the virus had a newspaper?

Here’s the latest edition… in Spanish and English:

(click here for the English Edition)

El Periódico del Virus: Edición Pandémica
El Periódico del Virus -Edición Pandémica
Autor: C. 19

¡Buenos días, mis amigos patógenos! Gracias por leer mi continua cobertura de nuestra guerra con la especie humana.

Para esta edición, quiero decir que, aunque las cosas parecen buenas, todavía queda mucho trabajo por hacer.

Primero, debemos continuar atacando a las personas cuando menos lo esperan. Cuando se tocan la cara, tosen o estornudan, o incluso cuando están demasiado cerca el uno del otro. ¡Este es el momento de atacar! Esté atento a las personas que no usan máscaras. Son los objetivos más fáciles.

Recuerda que la mayoría de las personas son muy estúpidas. Casi el cuarenta por ciento ni siquiera cree en nuestra existencia. Su estupidez es nuestra mejor arma.
Los mejores lugares para ir son la playa, barras, oficinas, y cada área que la gente reúne. Busca para grandes grupos en habitaciones pequeñas. Cuando estas allí, mira para personas que hablar o escupir mucho. Ellos son tu vehículo para extenderse más rápidamente.

“Pero C.”, se podría decir, “Yo solo soy un pequeño virus. ¿Qué puedo hacer para ayudar?

¡Son muchas cosas! Usa “FaceTime” – Ponerse en la cara de alguien. De allí, entra de los ojos, las fosas nasales, o dentro de la boca. Aquí tu viaje comienza… ¡Ahora, infectas! ¡Infectas! ¡Infectas!

Si tú te sientes solo, no te preocupes. Recuerda siempre tener tus hermanos y hermanas. Nosotros estamos allí para te ayudamos.

Para ayudarnos a todos a mantenernos enfocados en nuestra causa, se me ocurrió un lema que todos podemos usar:

“¡Estamos todos juntos en esto!”

English version:

The Virus Newspaper: Pandemic Edition
Author: C. 19

Good morning, my pathogenic friends! Thank you for reading my continued coverage of our war with the human species.

For this edition, I want to say that although things look good, there is still a lot of work to do.

First, we must continue to attack people when they least expect it. When they touch their faces, they cough or sneeze, or even when they are too close to each other. This is the time to attack! Watch out for people who do not wear masks. They are the easiest targets.

Remember that most people are very stupid. Almost forty percent do not even believe in our existence. Their stupidity is our best weapon.

The best places to go are the beach, bars, offices, and every area that people gather. Search for large groups in small rooms. When you are there, watch for people who talk or spit a lot. They are your vehicle to spread more quickly.

“But C.”, you might say, “I’m just a little virus. What can I do to help?

Are a lot of things! Use “FaceTime” – Put yourself on someone’s face. From there, enter the eyes, the nostrils, or into the mouth. Here your journey begins … Now, infect! Infect! Infect!

If you feel lonely, do not worry. Always remember to have your brothers and sisters. We are there to help you.

To help us all stay focused on our cause, I came up with a motto that we can all use:

“We are all in this together!”


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com



Paranoia Control


Paranoia Control

Paranoia. Anxiety. Fear.

It’s normal for us to feel these things when a threat is nearby. I know many are feeling this with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

I’ve got a secret that may help, and it stems from my being diagnosed as “Hypervigilant“.

Hypervigilance put simply means that I am overly aware of everything around me at all times. In a restaurant, for example, I will be listening to multiple conversations, watching people come and go, seeing what other tables are ordering, doing, etc. It can be exhausting to filter this much information. But there are ways to cope. Ways that may be of use in these pandemic times.

First and foremost is the realization that no single person can ever be completely “safe”. It’s a hard reality to face. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions. Knowing where the line between “being cautious” and “being paranoid” can be tough to find.

So… here’s how it works for me:

  • Do what you can: keep your hands clean, and don’t touch your face; Practice social distancing.
  • Realize others don’t have the same view of the world; what you see, they may be completely oblivious to.
  • Help who you can: for loved ones, family and friends, give advice when appropriate to keep them safe – but don’t nag.
  • Let it go: sometimes you have to realize it’s your own bias and let it go… everyone has to live their own lives – nobody’s perfect, and that includes you.
  • Stay connected: although it can be hard when you’re aware of all the flaws, it’s important to stay emotionally connected to the world – we all need support sometimes.

Making peace with the world outside of ourselves is an individual journey. But when we become obsessed with others’ actions, as Shakespeare’s King Lear said:

“O, that way madness lies; let me shun that; No more of that.”

Stay safe, sane and healthy, my friends,


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com