Sherlock Holmes’ Third Wife


*** News Flash! ***
Recently unearthed Sherlock Holmes POEM and VIDEO … FOUND!

Can’t get enough Sherlock Holmes? The answer is Elementary!

See below for two (2), count ’em TWO new Sherlock Holmes mini-stories:

First up, a rare Poem –

Sherlock Holmes’ Third Wife

by Dr. John Watson


The strangest case you never heard
Has not been told till now
When Sherlock Holmes, not once but thrice
Bespoke a wedding vow
The first was like a moth to flame
All hormones, while a youth
But in the end he couldn’t stand
Her utter lack of couth
The second wife had blood quite blue
A real aristocrat
And after seven months of bills
He’d had enough of that!
At last we come to number three
A mystery dressed in black
If you want to know just who it is
There are several clues you lack
Sherlock’s mastery of disguise
His skill with subterfuge
A dress. A wig. Some makeup.
With a comfortable pair of shoes
If you’re not sure yet who she is
You should come ’round for tea
Just pay a visit to Baker Street
To see Sherlock Holmes and me


Sherlock Holmes and the Big F-ing Mystery!


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at:



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