¡I’m Speaking Spanish!


¡I’m Speaking Spanish!

I'm Speaking Spanish! (Joe's Dump Banner)
(parody of Billy Joel’s “I May Be Crazy”)

Nouns… Verbs… Conjugation!
Learning Spanish for 3+ years. Wrote a song. You will listen to pay for my lessons!

(and if you don’t speak Spanish, badly translated lyrics are in this video 😉 )

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Written and Sung by Joe J Thomas of Joe’s Dump
Copyright 2020, Joe J Thomas, Joe’s Dump, JoesDump.com
All Rights Reserved.
Not a Quinn-Martin Production.

— Lyrics —
I’m Speaking Spanish
(parody of Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right, I May Be Crazy”)

Friday night está viernes
What you want is qué quieres
And those too es esos tambíen
You say uno for a one
And El sol es por the sun
Aprendiendo para mi esta bien
When I say hola it means hello
Y abajo es way down below
Mi cerebro that is what you call my brain
Conducir is when I drive
Y llegar is to arrive
But I only use these words when I’m in Spain
You heard me right! I’m speaking Spanish!
Hoy! Pero no sé qué palabras estoy buscando
It’s quite the sight, ‘cuz I’m not Hispanic
Yo escucho la radio all day and night
Well… I learned mi pelo is my hair
Corrí de osos, I ran from bears
It’s Kilómetros there instead of miles
We ate a tomate con pan
Then I fell en un volcan
Cuando violé la ley I was on trial
I held my breath till me puse azul
Martillo y clavos are some tools
El queso dice is what cheese has to say
El cielo está blue
Los dientes are to chew
No sabes dónde then you probably lost your way
You heard me right! I’m speaking Spanish!
Hoy! No entiendes de lo que estoy hablando
I’m really white, there’s no need to panic
You all know que estoy loco, and that’s a riot
(musical interlude)
You heard me right! I’m speaking Spanish!
Hoy! No sé nada de las cosas que te lo digo
My goal’s in sight, but I didn’t plan it
No conozco en mi barrio who’s up all night
A la derecha is on the right
Un submarino must be airtight
Muy blanca that’s very white
Si estás gordo you need a diet
En un vuelo is on a flight
Tu sabes alto is about your height
Muy silencio is very quiet
Vuelas una cometa fly a kite
Buenas noches that means goodnight…


All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com