RoboCall? RoboAnswer It!


RoboCall? Robo-Answer It!


The RoboAnswer Audio (play this when you get a RoboCall):


      Download the RoboAnswer MP3 Here!

The Story:

I’m in my home studio recording an audition when the phone rings.
Thinking it might be my wife, I answer:

Me: Hello?
RC: This is an urgent message about your available credit. Would you like to lower your monthl…
Me: (mashing every button on the phone while simultaneously swearing)
RC: Hi. This is Todd. Are you calling to learn how to lower yo…
Me: Actually, Todd, I’d like you to remove my number from your call li…
RC: (click. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp…)
Me: (mashing every button on the phone while simultaneously swearing)
Me: (slamming down the phone) Aaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!

If only there was some way I could do something about these blasted RoboCalls!
Wait a sec… I’m a voice actor!
I can do something.
And that’s how RoboAnswer was born!

The next time you get any kind of mind-numbingly boring sales or other call, just play the above clip into the phone. Be sure to put it on repeat, then just walk away!

For your convenience there’s also a link to the MP3 file under the player.

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