It’s A Numbers Game


It’s a Numbers Game

Numbers. Useful little things. We rely on them for all kinds of information. But that information is not always as beneficial as it seems. In fact, relying on numbers can become an addictive crutch, or even cause undue stress. Join me on my new quest to go on a “Numbers Diet”! Continue reading


Buzzketing (Buzzword Marketing)


Buzzketing (Buzzword Marketing)

Hi gang,

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of marketing and buzzwords (*wink!*).

So, I’ve combined the two into a new word: Buzzketing!

Buzzketing (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.)

Excessive use of buzzwords in marketing media and presentations.
May be accompanied by a glazed look, rapid speech, 
and a desperate need for validation.

“But wait, Joe”, you may be saying, “How can I use Buzzketing to talketize my objectivization potentiameter kill-zone, whilst still conveying a negative info-quotient contentualized drop-package?”

(translation: you’d like to talk a lot while saying absolutely nothing)

Here’s how it’s done – give a listen!

Joe Backbehinder - Buzzketing Expert

Joe Backbehinder       Buzzketing Expert

(Or Watch on YouTube!)

Buzzketing – the Joe Backbehinder Way!

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